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2013 W-2 Fast Facts - Code W

Code W:  This is the employer’s contribution to an employee’s Health Savings Account for those employees enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan. The contributions are made as follows:

  • WSU forwards the employer-paid health contributions each month to the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA).  In 2013, those amounts were $800.00/month for January through June, and $782.00/month from July through December, for each employee.
  • The HCA then forwards a portion of the above contribution for each employee to the third party administrator, Health Equity (, for the employees who have Health Savings Accounts. The amounts they send per person are $58.34/month for those with self-coverage or $116.67/month for those with anything more than self-coverage.  Because WSU does not make the payments directly to Health Equity, the amounts shown as Code W are estimates of what Health Care Authority should have forwarded to Health Equity, based on instructions from Health Care Authority and the employee’s plan history and coverages during 2013.     
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