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Four Payroll Reports from Business Objects

A really big thank you to Marilyn Burns (and others) who created four payroll reports found in the Corporate Documents in Business Objects. If you prepare the payroll for your area, these reports may be of significant benefit for you. Fashioned after a previous report known as the “Stop Date Report”, these reports inform you of upcoming pay-affecting end dates affecting employees’ pay on appointments, TEMP’s appointments, assignments and accounts. Every pay cycle we have employees who do not get paid because their end date expired during the pay cycle and no action was taken to renew their funding or appointment. On the January first half pay cycle, one department did not pay 13 of their employees because of this situation. The monitoring of end dates is a departmental function. You may want to begin running these reports on a regular basis. The report names are:

Payroll Funding Alert - Appointments Ending
Payroll Funding Alert - TEMPS Appointments Ending
Payroll Funding Alert - Assignments Ending
Payroll Funding Alert - Accounts Ending

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