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Payroll System Changes

Changes to the Payroll System for the May 2011 RG1 pay cycle:  

Summer Medical/Life Insurance Coverage:

The May first half paycycle is traditionally the last paycycle of the academic year and in order to ensure continuous medical, dental and life insurance coverage for the months of June, July and August, additional premiums were withheld from the paycheck for May 25. This process affects 1,072 employees this period and they will receive a message on their earnings statement or paycheck reminding them of this process. Questions about the amount of premium deductions should be directed to Shirley Cornelius at or 335-5489 or Mike Olin at or 335-1278.

New Earnings Types:

We have added 2 new earnings types to facilitate payments from legal settlement agreements. “SET” for legal settlements to employees not enrolled in federal retirement plans 6, 7 or 8. “SEF” for legal settlements made to employees enrolled in federal retirement plans 6,  7 or 8. Both earnings types are subject to employment taxes but not retirement earnings.

Please contact Payroll at (509) 335-1277 or if there are any questions. 


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