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Direct Deposit FAQs

If I was on Direct Deposit last semester, will I still be on it?

Yes. If you were on Direct Deposit for the last pay cycle of the previous semester, you’ll still be on Direct Deposit unless you requested it to be stopped.

Can I have part of my paycheck sent to one bank and the rest of my paycheck sent to another bank?

No. You may only direct us to send your net pay to one financial institution.

I am paid as a temporary hourly employee. Can I enroll in Direct Deposit?

Yes. Direct Deposit is available to all WSU employees who complete a Direct Deposit Authorization Card (below) and provides documentation of their bank account type and bank account numbers (checking or savings).

Direct Deposit Authorization Card PDF format 13KB


What happens if I close my bank account and forget to notify Payroll Services?

You will have to WAIT for your net pay to be returned through the Automated Clearinghouse System. Expect to be without funds for 4 to 6 days or longer.

If I just want to change my deposit from going to my checking account to my savings account and my account number doesn’t change, do I still need to tell you?

Yes. You need to tell us by completing a new Direct Deposit Authorization Card (above) and attach a pre-printed voided check or deposit ticket. Be sure to mark the account type check (either checking or savings) on the Direct Deposit Authorization Card.  

If I have a payroll deduction at Inspirus Credit Union or at the Washington State Employees Credit Union for my car loan and I also want my net pay to go to the same Credit Union, should I stop my payroll deduction since my paycheck is going to the same Credit Union?

Yes. It makes no sense to continue a payroll deduction when your net pay is going to the same bank. You can arrange for the funds to be withheld for your loan directly with the Credit Union.

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