Payroll Services 2017 W-2 Form Fast Facts

2017 W-2 Form Fast Facts

  • Individual W-2 Forms are available for viewing and printing from myWSU beginning January 18, 2018. W-2 Forms will be mailed during the fourth week of January to employee’s mailing address.
  • File your income taxes electronically free at this IRS sponsored site:
  • W-2 Forms are forwardable if you have a mail forward on file within the last six months at the United States Postal Service.
  • If you have not received a W-2 Form by January 31, 2018, go to myWSU and use your browser print key to print a copy, or call Payroll Services at 335-9575 and request a replacement copy. It takes 24 to 36 hours for replacement forms to be produced.
  • If you use proprietary software (like Turbo-Tax) to complete your personal income taxes, you may use any control number value you wish.
  • The values in Box 1 and Box 2 of form W2 are the figures used in reporting income to the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Box 12:
    Code D 401KGTN 080: Thrift Savings Plan (Reductive)
    GTN 087: Catchup Thrift Savings Plan (Reductive)
    GTN 238: Additional TSP (Reductive)
    Code E 403BGTN 008: TIAA CREF (Reductive) only if age 50 or older and contribution is 10%

    (this is the optional amount between 7.5% and 10% times your YTD Retirement Gross Wages)
    GTN 106: SRA TIAA CREF (Reductive)
    Code G 457GTN 108: State Deferred Comp (Reductive)
    Code PMoving Expenses
    Code WHealth Savings Account (employee + employer data provided by Health Care authority)
    Code BBRoth 403b deductions
    Code DDCost of employer-paid medical
  • Box 14-Other includes the personal use of leased vehicles.
  • The Social Security maximum wage in 2017 is $127,200.
  • The standard deduction amounts for heads of households rises to $9,350 for tax year 2017 ($9,300 for tax year 2016). The other standard deduction amounts for 2017 are $6,350 for singles and married persons filing separately ($6300 for tax year 2016) and $12,700 ($12,600 for tax year 2016) for married couples filing jointly.
  • The personal exemption amount for 2017 is $4,050 unchanged from tax year 2016.


Taxpayers can quickly go online this year and check the status of their individual federal income tax refunds. Where’s My Refund? – at – is the first IRS web-based service giving taxpayers direct access to their personal tax account information.

Non-web-enabled taxpayers can get the same information by calling IRS’s refund hotline at 1-800-829-1954 or using IRS’ automated refund service at 1-800-829-4477.

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