Payroll Services Access to Department Payroll Processing

Access to Department Payroll Processing

  1. Secure access to DEPPS System
  2. Secure an e-mail account and update mail forward
  3. Schedule DeptPay training session via the HRS Training website.
  4. Schedule HRS DeptPay training

  5. Once you have this access to DEPPS and have attended the mandatory training session, have your supervisor’s email payroll service at with the following information:
    • Your name:
    • You AIS logon information for DEPPS:
    • What specific Budgets or Accounts they are authorizing you on.
    • Are you getting access to Positive Pay, PEARS or both.
    • If you are replacing someone, who that person is.

    Training class is offered monthly and lasts two hours this is a mandatory class to be granted access to accounts.