Payroll Services Departmental Users Downloading Help

Some suggestions you might check or try:

For having trouble downloading or getting a Natural error

  • Have you installed Windows 98?  Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Entire Connection.  You can still download Pears or Positive Pay by installing FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This free software is available at the Information Technology Services page.
  • Have you installed MS Office 2000?  Entire Connection version 3.1.2. will not run if MS Office is installed on the PC.
    If you have version 3.1.2 of Entire Connection you should not upgrade to Office 2000.  If you must run Office 2000, you will need to purchase 4.1.2 of Entire Connection.  If you are interested in a bulk purchase for discounted rates, please contact your IT Area Representative.
  • Perhaps your hard drive is full.
  • Perhaps you miskeyed the drive, file folder, file name or file extension or it doesn’t exist.
  • Are you properly logged into Entire Connection?
  • Try downloading a few minutes later to see if you are successful. If the download still does not work, note your problem and contact Payroll Services at 335-1277.