Payroll Services FETCH Download Instructions for PEARS

FETCH Download Instructions for PEARS

Help File — Downloading and Printing PEARS on MacIntosh

Log onto HEPPS Inquiry

Select 4 Department Payroll Processing on Main Menu

If you have already done PEARS and confirmed, then:

Select 6 PEAR Download

Select either All Accounts or One Account/One Budget

Press PF1

Select DOC File type — _____.DOC

Select DOC Record Format — either PEAR Data or PEAR Data w/Comments

Select Download Method — FTP

When download is processed, it will tell you the address of your PEAR file and the name of the host.

Close AIS connection

Open Fetch**


User ID = (your AIS User ID)

Password = (your AIS password)

Dir = (leave blank)

(delete “pub” — the forward slash may remain, but won’t be a problem)

Click OK

**PLEASE NOTE: If you are running Fetch 3.0: You’ll need to adjust your preferences or you’ll end up downloading an empty folder with no PEAR document.

In Fetch 3.0, go to Menu bar at top of your screen

Click on Customize

Click on Preferences

Click on Misc

Select “Treat mystery items as file” (put an X in the box)

Click OK

When your file appears in the Fetch window:

Highlight the file

Select Get File

Select Desktop as the file destination in the Dialogue box

Click Save


File will now appear on your desktop as a Word document

Close Fetch and quit

Open PEAR document

Go to Edit

Choose Select All

Change font to Monoco

Change font size to 10

Go to File – Page Setup

Change page orientation to Landscape

Click OK

You may have to resize your Word screen to see the entire document