Payroll Services Non-Student Employees

Other Taxable Payments Matrix

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 Subject to These Taxes: 
Earnings TypeEarnings Type DescriptionIncome TaxSocial SecurityMedicareFederal MedicareRetirementUnempl CompObjectSub object
MOVMoving Expenses Non Federal EmployeeYYYNNN01MV
MOFMoving Expenses Federal EmployeeYNNYNN01MV
AWFAward Federal EmployeeYNNYNN01AW
AWNAward Non Federal EmployeeYNNNNN01AW
TUITuition Non Federal EmployeeYYYNNN00
FTUTuition Federal EmployeeYNNYNN00
MLSMeals Non Federal EmployeeYYYNNN01MT
FLSMeals Federal EmployeeYNNYNN01MT