Payroll Services Q&As for Online Earnings Statements

Beginning with the February 10, 2003, payday, Washington State University employees on direct deposit will receive their pay stub information via a secure Web site. For each pay period, an e-mail message will alert employees that pay stub details are now available via WEB PBS (Payroll and Benefits Services on the Web). Display and retention of paycheck information online will replace the printing, distribution and mailing of earnings statements.

WSU is increasingly using online tools to improve efficiency and provide convenient access to information and transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many student services and academic programs are now online, earning WSU a national reputation as one of the country’s “most wired” universities. More and more of the University’s business transactions are online as well, improving efficiency and saving money. This pay stub change moves Payroll Services one step closer to being paperless.

Who authorized this change?

The University’s Executive Budget Council approved this action as a cost-reduction measure to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Will the Web site provide the same details the green earning statements do?

Yes, you can get the exact same information online, and you can print the data from the Web site for your files. For your convenience, your records for the full year and several past years are available online in a secure account only you can access.

When will paycheck information be posted on the Web?

Payroll is normally calculated five business days before payday and the information is posted on the Web the night that payroll is calculated.

Do I have to have an e-mail account?

No. To reach your records, you need access to a personal computer with a Web browser plus a WSU Network ID and a password. Having an e-mail account allows you to receive the reminders that new paycheck data is posted, but this is not required. You can check your pay records at any time.

Do I need to fill out a paper form to get a WSU Network ID?

No. You can get a Network ID and password online by using WSU eAffiliate Services, scrolling down to Network Access, selecting Create a Network ID and following the prompts. The WEB PBS site also offers a link to the page where you can create your Network ID.

I’ve forgotten my Network ID and password. What do I do?

Using WSU eAffiliate Services, scroll down to Network Access, select Look up my Network ID and follow the prompts to learn your Network ID and password.

How can I get a copy of my paycheck information if I do not have a personal computer at my work location?

You can use a personal computer or PC at home, at a public library, or at one of WSU’s libraries or computer labs. There is a kiosk at the front counter of Payroll Services in French Administration Building that employees may use. Or ask the person who is responsible for your unit’s payroll if you can use their PC or ask someone within your department who does have a PC if you can use it for a few minutes twice per month.

I’ve never used the Web. Can someone help me set up my Network ID and show me how to find my paycheck information?

Yes. Contact Payroll Services at 335-1277 or e-mail and arrangements will be made.

If I call Payroll on payday, will they tell me the amount deposited into my bank account?

No. Out of concern for your confidentiality, Payroll staff will not reveal your net pay over the telephone. Most financial institutions provide an automated system where you can learn the amount of your deposit.

How exactly do I locate my paycheck information on the web?

  • From the WSU home page (, select either the home page for Faculty & Staff or Current Students.
  • Then select my.wsu button on the top right-hand side of web page.
  • Enter your Network ID and Password.
  • Select Employment on left-hand side of page.
  • Then select Payroll & Benefits.
  • Then select View Earning Statement.
  • Next select the pay cycle you wish to view and/or print.

Do these changes impact me since I receive a paycheck?

No. These procedures affect employees enrolled in direct deposit. There is no paycheck information on the Web for employees who continue to receive hard copy paychecks. The distribution of paychecks, dependent upon the United States Postal Service, is a very inefficient and sometimes untimely payment option. While 24% of WSU employees still receive paychecks, we urge all employees to use direct deposit for the security and efficiency that system provides.

What other agencies have gone paperless for their paycheck information?

Microsoft, Boeing, and University of Idaho are three examples in our region