Payroll Services What To Do If You Are Not Paid

If You are Not Paid

You must first determine whether or not you were paid. Maybe you were paid, but your check or earnings statement did not arrive.

If you think you should have been paid, yet do not have any proof that you were, first check with your home department. Your home department will have a report entitled the Payroll Expenditure Audit Report (PEAR). This report lists each employee’s gross pay.

If your name does appear and you have direct deposit, you can check with your financial institution to determine if, when and how much money was deposited. You can also check your earnings statement online through WebPBS.

If your name does appear on the PEAR report and you do not have direct deposit, have you recently moved? Go to the Address and Telephone Maintenance function in WSU InfoNet at the WSU website to check your address or go to a KIOSK located on the Pullman campus and determine if the University Name and Address File has your correct address. If the address is not correct, immediately change it. If the check was mailed to an address where you no longer reside, call 335-9575 or stop by Payroll Services, 236 French Administration Building, and ask if the check has been returned. If the check has not been returned, you may want to complete an Affidavit of a Lost or Destroyed Warrant:

Upon completion and notarization of this affidavit, Payroll Services will begin taking action to place a stop pay on this check. Payroll Services must wait 48 hours before reissuing a replacement check.

If the department representative indicates that your name and earnings do not appear on the PEAR report, ask them to check your paperwork. If you are a temporary positive pay employee paid on an hourly or piece rate basis, did you turn in your Daily Activity Report for the pay cycle? Was it signed by both you and your supervisor? Did the departmental support staff correctly input the data into the Positive Pay System? If you are an exception time reporting employee, has the department submitted a Personnel Action, Position Action or Expense Assignment Action form to continue your appointment and/or funding? Ask your department representative to check the HEPPS System to validate that your appointment, position and funding are correctly configured. If the information in the HEPPS System does not reflect the current status of your employment, ask the department to submit the correct paperwork to update the system.