Payroll Services Payroll System Changes

Payroll System Changes

Changes to the Payroll System for the July 2017 RG1 Pay Cycle:

  • New Work Study Transfer Projects

    The Projects for Work Study transfer accounts have changed for the new fiscal year. They are:

    • Federal Work Study (FWT) 7801 from 2017 to 2018
    • State Work Study (SWT) 7802 from 2017 to 2018
  • WFSE Union Dues Changes

    For union dues element 166, the monthly maximum deduction amount increases to $81.18. For union representation dues element 172, the rate of calculation increases from 1.12% to 1.17%, and the monthly maximum increases from $58.94 to $63.42.

  • Employer Contribution for Health Insurance

    The monthly employer-paid contribution rate for benefit-eligible employees is increased to $913.00.

  • Classified Employee 2% Increase

    WSU Classified employees receive a 2% increase, effective July 1st,2017.

    Questions regarding employee eligibility can be directed to Human Resources Services, (509) 335-4521.

    Questions regarding funding/budget can be directed to the Budget Office, (509) 335-9187.

  • Department of Retirement Rate Changes

    following rate changes have been made for earnings, effective July 1st:

    • The employer contribution rate for PERS 1, 2, and 3 has increased from 11.18% to 12.7%. The employee deduction for PERS 2 has increased from 6.12% to 7.38%.
    • The employer contribution rate for LEOFF 2 has increased from 8.59% to 8.93%. The employee deduction rate for LEOFF 2 has increased from 8.41% to 8.75%.
  • Pre-tax and Post-tax Deductions for Commuter/Parking Benefits

    Pre-tax and post-tax deductions for commuter and parking benefits took effect this pay period. Twelve (12) individuals have enrolled to date.

Questions regarding this benefit can be directed to Human Resources Services, (509) 335-4521.

Please contact Payroll Services at (509)335-9575 or if there are any questions.