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Payroll Services Newsletter – Aug 2002


Graduate students on assistantships may authorize Payroll Services to deduct the total amount of their tuition and fees owed over eight (8) pay cycles beginning the second pay date (September 25 and February 10) of each semester.

  1. Payroll deductions may be authorized for (1) graduate students on appointment who did not receive an Operating Fee Waiver (OFW) or Qualified Tuition Remission (QTR) which includes service/activity/ building fees of $3,044; or (2) students with waivers may elect payroll deduction for the value of residual tuition of $337.50; or (3) students may also increase the payroll deduction to include the Student Health & Wellness Fee of $72.00 and the $115.00 Student Recreation Fee.
  2. Payroll deduction forms will not be available until Wednesday, August 21st, and then only if the graduate Personnel Action Form has been processed by Human Resource Services and the appointment is present in the payroll/ personnel system. Students may call Payroll Services at 335-9577 to see if a form has been produced. The final cut-off date for payroll deduction forms to be signed is Friday, September 13, 2002. Please encourage graduate students to check out our website for all the specifics about how payroll deductions work.



Our website contains valuable information such as a listing of paydays; how to calculate withholding tax; and how to read a pay stub. Many payroll forms can be downloaded such as the W-4 Form or Direct Deposit Enrollment form. Address changes can be entered from three different locations within our website. Try WebPBS from our front page to check your payroll and benefit information or print a prior year’s W-2 Form or view current and previous earnings statements.


Under “Hot Topics” on our website ( there is a link to our taxation pages for international students and scholars who are going to be employed at WSU. International students and scholars who are to be employed should be encouraged to arrange a Tax Determination Interview in Payroll Services once a calendar year in order to pay the least amount of employment taxes.

International students and scholars need to download and complete the “Tax Determination Questionnaire” posted on our website and have a social security number, or be able to prove they have applied for a social security number before scheduling an interview.

A list of the various documents international students and scholars need to bring to the tax determination interview is also found on our website. Items include Visa/passport, IAP-66, I-20, employment offer,
and Personnel Action Form. Internationals should e-mail ( to schedule an interview. International students and scholars not based in Pullman may skip the interview and simply send an e-mail to and state that they need a tax assessment and indicate whether they are faxing or mailing copies of their immigration/work authorization documents. There are considerable more details on our website than what is listed here.


It has been our practice to provide an international student or scholar, who has evidence that they applied for a social security number, with what is commonly referred to as a “dummy” social security number (usually starting with the digits 365). “Dummy” numbers are for internal WSU purposes only such as to assist in securing a network ID and to get the individual paid timely.

“Dummy” numbers are temporary numbers and under no circumstances are they to be reported to anyone not connected with WSU. The “365” number should never be written as part of an employment verification nor should that number be provided as part of any financial University reporting, such as W-2, 1099, 1098T or 1042S.

International students and scholars who receive a “365” number need to be reminded to bring in their actual social security card when it is received so a copy can be provided to Payroll Services and the administrative systems can then be updated with the assigned number.

The Lewiston Social Security Administration (SSA) Office has announced the following new procedure that may be useful to some employing departments:

When an international student or scholar applies for their social security number, they can ask the Social Security representative to call WSU with the assigned number the next day. The international student and scholar must list the name of the WSU representative and their phone number. This could be the individual who created the Personnel Action Form or a supervisor or anyone connected with WSU. The international student or scholar should still be encouraged to show the real social security card to the employing department when they receive it to validate the number given over the telephone.

Starting in July, the Lewiston Social Security Office (like all Social Security Offices) is required to re-confirm the documents international student and scholars provide when they apply for a social security number. SSA representatives must reconfirm the documents by logging into a computer system within the US Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS). In some cases, Lewiston may end up having to contact the Seattle INS Office. This new procedure may slow down the granting of social security numbers. Initial estimates are that it could take up to three months before a real social security number is assigned. This is an issue many higher ed payroll offices, who pay large numbers of internationals, are following.


By going to the front page of our website (, under “Hot Topics” you will see a link to the Health Care Authority’s website where you can view the new medical premiums and changes to our medical plans for the calendar year 2003. The first paycheck that will reflect the new premiums is for pay period December 16-31 paid on January 10, 2003.


WSU has implemented a pre-tax parking deduction program for the sale of parking permits that has the potential to save employment taxes. The first paycheck under the new pre-tax parking program will be September 10. Employees who choose the pre-tax program will save the cost of federal income tax, social security and medicare tax on the value of each pre-tax parking payroll deduction. If you have any questions about the program, please contact Parking and Transportation Services at 335-PARK or visit their website at


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Time is running out for those eligible classified employees who are thinking about changing from PERS 2 to PERS 3. Don’t miss the August 30, 2002 deadline if you wish to receive the transfer payment. Although many publications indicate August 31, please remember that since this is a Saturday, Benefit Services staff will not be available. Contact Benefit Services 335-4589 for details.


Earnings Statements for faculty and graduate students will be distributed to their departments starting on the September 10, 2002 payday.


If you have new personnel in your department who need access to DEPTPAY, send an e-mail with the following information to and a training class will be set up:

Name of Employee and their AIS User ID
Name of Department
Zip Code of Department
Whether they need access to PEARS and/or Positive Pay
List the budgets and projects they need to access


Phone Employee Name/E-Mail Position Title Direct Questions on These Subjects to Employee
Listed on the Left
5-1277 Alice Smethurst

Director DeptPay training; VEBA; International Students & Scholars Tax Determinations & Issues; Savings Bonds; Graduate Assistantship; QTR Processing; Web Site Design; Encumbrances
5-1610 Carol Pettibone

Fiscal Manager PEAR Questions; Garnishments; Salary Liens; Wage Assignments; Social Security Statements; Retirees; Hand-drawn Checks; Interim Period Paychecks; DeptPay Training
5-1617 Brenda Bartlett

Payroll Coordinator PEAR Questions; Social Security Number Changes;
ID Number Problems; Name Change Problems; Payroll Processing for
Permanent Employees Whose Last Name Starts With These Letters: D,
E, F, T, U, V
5-1396 Anita McGovern
Payroll Technician Lead Positive Pay; TEA Processing; Retroactive Pay Hourly Employees; Expense Transfers Hourly Employees; Payroll Processing
for Permanent Employees Whose Last Name Starts With These Letters: G, H, I
5-1468 Paul Dupin
Payroll Technician Lead Name & Address Changes; Payroll Processing for Permanent Employees Whose Last Name Starts With These Letters: A, B, C
5-1769 Michael Burnett
Payroll Technician Salary & Wage Verifications; Payroll Processing for Permanent Employees Whose Last Name Starts With These Letters:  P, Q, R, S, W, X, Y, Z
5-1394 Linda Carlson
Payroll Technician Payroll Processing for Permanent Employees Whose Last Name Starts With These Letters: J, K, L, M, N, O
5-1278 Steve Rieser

Accountant Medical, Dental, Life & LTD Payroll Deduction Accounting including Retroactive Payroll Deductions
5-5814 VACANT Accountant Miscellaneous Deduction Processing such as Credit Union, Union Dues, Parking; Back-up for International Tax Determinations
5-6450 Ronald Collins

Fiscal Technician III Retirement Deductions and Reporting including Retroactive Deductions; Direct Deposit back-up
5-9577 Donica Babcock

Office Assistant III Direct Deposit; Lost Paychecks; W-2 Replacements; Check Distribution
5-5489 James Kennedy

Information Technology Systems Specialist II Web Design and Maintenance

Direct any questions about this newsletter to 335-1277 or