Payroll Services COVID-19 and Your Paycheck

COVID-19 and Your Paycheck

To better follow the guidelines of the CDC on social distancing, we are asking all employees to communicate with Payroll Services via email,  or phone, (509) 335-9575. Below is helpful guidance.


  • Direct Deposit
    • For safer and more dependable payments, please enroll in direct deposit!
    • To enroll, click here or go to and click on Direct Deposit
    • Do not send direct deposit information through regular email
    • Call Payroll Services for instructions on submitting direct deposit information, (509) 335-9575
  • Form W-4
    • For help with Form W-4, please call Payroll Services, (509) 335-9575
    • Do not send your W-4 form through regular email
    • To submit a W-4 electronically, email to request a secure link. Payroll will send you a link where you can securely submit your W-4
  • Non-Resident Alien taxation
    • See this link or visit on our web page,, click on Non U.S. Citizens
    • For submittal options of the Tax Determination Questionnaire generated by FNIS or any other questions, contact Brandon Cross, (509) 335-6450 or
  • Questions about student taxes
    • See this link or visit our web page,, click on Student Pay/Overview
  • Payroll Deductions
    • To add or end payroll deductions, please contact the appropriate department/organization, examples below:
    • Washington State Employees Credit Union:  Contact the Credit Union at (800)-562-0999 or (509) 332-6571
    • Inspirus Credit Union:  Fill out online form here
    • WSU Parking Permit: Contact Parking Services:
      • Pullman (509) 335-7275
      • Spokane (509) 358-6999
      • Vancouver (360) 546-9009
      • Student Recreation Center:  Contact the SRC (509) 335-4227
      • Cougar Cash:  Contact the CougarCard Center at (509) 335-2273, following is a link to the CougarCard self-serve tool that allows you to begin or cancel payroll deductions
  • Requests for replacements of payroll tax forms (W-2, 1042S, 1099R) or questions regarding federal withholding tax, contact Mayra Young, (509) 335-5821,

Contact us at or (509) 335-9575 for assistance on any other payroll matters.