Payroll Deadlines

Payroll Deadlines

Outlook Calendar version also available that includes all relevant payroll deadlines.  Payroll.Calendar is a shared calendar available.

Off-Cycle Payroll Check Requests

Off Cycle payroll checks are used to pay employees for regular pay missed on the previous pay period and for which they cannot reasonably be expected to wait until the next regular pay period.  Payroll Services publishes all required deadlines on the Payroll Services website.  It expected that ALL Time Approvers know and adhere to meeting these posted deadlines.  If the Time Approver is unable to meet these deadlines due to vacation/sick leave/schedule conflicts, the Time Approver is expected to delegate this task to their supervisor so they can ensure the posted deadlines are followed.  In situations where a payment was not processed due to missing or incomplete appointments or compensation, an Off Cycle payroll check request will only be considered for payment after all necessary business processes are completed and reflect in Workday.  Departments are encouraged to only request Off Cycle payroll checks in limited financial hardship situations.

*Due to the volume of Off Cycle payroll check requests Payroll Services cannot guarantee all request will be approved.

Off Cycle payroll check request will only be accepted until PAYDAY at 5pm.  Requests received after this time will be returned and included in the employees following paycheck as long as the departmental personnel completes the required processes before the RETRO cutoff.

Upload the completed Off Cycle payroll check request form, including all necessary signatures, though the Workday Service Desk.  Payroll will communicate and update the status through this service desk ticket.

Off Cycle payroll checks can be requested when the Department has notified the employee and declares financial hardship and one of the following criteria is met:

  • Time was submitted by the employee but not approved by the time approver by lock.
  • Gross pay exceeds $200.00.
  • Late processing of New Hires and Return from Leave.

Off Cycle payroll checks will NOT be issued for the reasons below:

  • The payment is supplemental wages (overtime, straight time, S/D, ADR, bonus, etc.)
  • The employee did not submit their time worked by the published deadline.
  • The pay is due to departments missing the retroactive processing deadline.
  • The employee is already receiving at least 50% of their scheduled pay.
  • The gross pay is less than $200.00.
  • Separation payments (annual leave payouts, dismissal pay).
  • Payments cannot be made before the payday in which the hours are worked.  WSU does not provide cash advances on payroll funds.

  • All employees have access to view Pay Slips in Workday 3 days before payday.
  • Employees receive alerts to submit time or hours.
  • Employees also see a reminder on their time entry calendar for Time Period Lockout.
  • Time Approver should be familiar with the required Payroll Document Schedule and published deadlines.
  • Time Approver receives an Inbox task for approvals.
  • Alerts are sent to Time Approvers weekly if they have time that has been submitted but not approved.
  • Departments are able to have more than one Time Approver role.

  • CR TTK Workers with Time Not Submitted or Approved
  • Workers with No Time Entry
  • CR PAY Payroll Accounting Journal Details – In Progress Payroll (aka PEARS)
  • CR Pay Accounting Detail Report
  • Compensation plan Assignments with Actual End dates