Payroll Services Address Change Information

Address Changes

If you know you are moving, leaving Pullman, or going abroad, or even going on vacation, it is important to update your address information with Payroll Services. This helps ensure you receive all your paychecks and tax documents on time and at the proper address. Payroll Services suggests following these steps below:

Update your address

  • Current employees may update their mailing address on their own in myWSU, via email to, or in person at the Payroll Window at French Administration 236.
  • Past employees must update their address directly through Payroll Services. All employees may submit address changes to Payroll via email to, or visit the Payroll Window at French Administration 236 to complete an Address Change Form.
  • All address change requests must include employee name, WSU I.D. number, and full former and new address.
  • Address changes must be submitted ten (10) business days prior to the payday for which they will be effective.
  • Student employees living in campus housing and residence halls must submit a Temporary Address Change form in addition to updating their address in myWSU. This form can be completed at the Payroll Window. Forms must be submitted ten business days prior to the last payday of the semester, or paychecks may be held at the Payroll office.
  • All employees are encouraged to update their address in myWSU to ensure records accuracy and avoid mailing discrepancies.

Video Tutorial: Updating Your Address in myWSU

Sign up for Direct Deposit.

  • Direct deposit eliminates the hassle of receiving paychecks via the Postal Service. Learn more about signing up here.
  • Direct Deposit eliminates the need for paper checks and allows you to automatically receive funds on payday in your bank account, perfect for those travelling abroad with no access to their mailbox.
  • Direct Deposit enrollment must be completed ten (10) business days prior to the payday for which they will be effective.

Leaving the country?

  • Payroll Services is unable to mail materials to international addresses. Therefore, other arrangements must be made for those leaving the United States.
  • In order to ensure the receipt of paychecks, we encourage those with concerns to enroll in Direct Deposit and leave bank accounts open until all payment has been received.
  • Employees may give permission for individuals still in the U.S. to pick up paychecks and documents on their behalf. Please contact Payroll Services directly for further information.
  • All earnings statements and W-2 forms may be access online via WebPBS.