Payroll Services Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit

Safe, easy, and convenient!


  • Convenient and efficient.
  • Time-saving. No waiting for the postal service, or in line at the bank!
  • Safe and secure! Pay is transferred straight from WSU to your bank.
  • Offered by WSU for over 35 years and the preferred option for most university employees!

How To Enroll for Payroll Direct Deposit

Enrolling in direct deposit is secure and easy if all procedures are followed properly.

Step 1) Complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Card.

Step 2) Attach an approved supporting document as verification of account information. Below is a list of approved documents for this purpose. (Note: all supporting documents must reflect the information provided on the Direct Deposit Authorization Card.)

Approved documents:
  • Voided check.
  • Pre-printed deposit ticket. (Verify routing number with your bank first!)
  • Top portion of account statement issued by your bank or credit union.
  • Screen-print of online banking information listing name, account number, and routing number.

Step 3) Submit your information and verify your identity.

** Due to Covid-19, Payroll Services can offer alternative methods to submit Direct Deposit enrollment forms. Email Subject line: “Submit Direct Deposit” for further information.**

In an effort to increase the security of the enrollment process, verification of identity is required when signing up for, or making changes to, direct deposit. Verification can be completed in-person with a payroll representative at employees’ respective campus locations, or by phone with the Pullman Payroll Services office. Please note: Payroll Services  currently does not offer direct deposit enrollment through my.wsu.


NOTE: All documentation must be received and verified ten (10) business days prior to the payday for which they will be effective. Documents submitted after the cutoff with be processed for the payday following.

Finding Your Account Information on a Personal Check

Image: Check

How To Change or Stop Your Direct Deposit

Employees wishing to change their direct deposit information must follow the initial enrollment process providing information for their new account.

Employees wishing to stop direct deposit must email Payroll Services their request. Please include your name and WSU I.D. number in your request. All stop direct deposit requests will be verified prior to taking effect.

All changes to direct deposit information, including stopping direct deposit, must be received ten (10) business days prior to the payday for which they will be effective.

Payroll cannot stop direct deposit payments after payroll has been processed (generally ten business days prior to payday).

Further questions regarding stopping or changing direct deposit can be directed to Payroll Services at or (509) 335-9575.

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