Payroll Services Payroll Pointers for Leaving WSU Employment

Payroll Pointers for Leaving WSU Employment

How do I stop these payroll deductions?

  • Gift to WSU like Northwest Public Radio:  Contact the Foundation (509) 335-0954
  • Combined Fund Drive: Submit a request to discontinue deductions (including signature and WSU ID number) to Payroll Services zipcode 1024 or send an email request to
  • WSU Parking Permit: Contact Parking Services:
    • Pullman (509) 335-7275
    • Spokane (509) 358-6999
    • Vancouver (360) 546-9009
  • Student Recreation Center:  Contact the SRC (509) 335-4227
  • Cougar Cash:  Contact the CougarCard Center at (509) 335-2273,  Voluntary Payroll Deductions  should be cancel through Workday self-service. Prior to you terminating.  If you need to have a refund, please reach out to the CougarCard Center.

How do I withdraw my retirement contributions at the Department of Retirement Systems (DRS)?


  • Employee’s record must be reported as “separated” by WSU Personnel on our monthly reporting transmittal to DRS. Factors which delay reporting of separation code include the receipt of leave reports by HRS from the department and the subsequent audit of leave balances by HRS.

When will I get my accumulated annual leave payoff?

  • HRS must complete a review of your monthly time or leave reports from date of hire to your separation date. Expect to allow 2 months or more, if your separation occurs at end of academic year, before final payment is authorized. Netpay will go to your bank account (if on direct deposit). You will need to make sure that your bank account does not need updated.  If you have moved please update your address or your check may get mailed to a former address.

Change your address if leaving the area

  • Your W-2 form will get mailed to whatever address we have listed as your contact information in Workday.  If you need to update this, it can be done though Workday self-service.

Also, please see Business Policies and Procedures Manual, Chapter 55.49, Payment Upon Separation of Employment.