Payroll Services PEAR Instructions

PEAR Instructions

  1. Secure a copy of all Travel Expense Vouchers (TEV’s) which have non-business related meals for reimbursement purposes. These TEV’s will become the source document for the expense line on the PEAR. In other words, TEV’s will be known as pay-affecting documents when submitted to the Travel Division for reimbursement of non-business related meals.
  2. Check the PEAR Distribution File in HEPPS Inquiry to ensure that the account(s) used to reimburse non-business related meals is present in this file. If the account(s) are not listed, send an e-mail to and include the following so the account(s) can be added to the table before the next payroll:
    • Name and phone number of department contact person
    • Department zip code
    • Which file to update – SCAN, PEAR or both
    • Account(s) to be updated
    • Description of requested change
    • HEPPS User ID(S) for staff authorized to access DeptPay in your department.
    • Change requests affecting SCANS should be received in Payroll Services two (2) days before SCANS are scheduled to be distributed. Change requests affecting PEARS should be received in Payroll Services two (2) days before PEARS are scheduled to be distributed.
    • Consult the Payroll Documents Schedule for distribution dates.
  3. Meal reimbursement payments are displayed on the Payroll Expenditure Audit Report in Part 2 as object 01. The subobject of MT has been added to the Payroll System and accounting system to identify these expenditures.
  4. Earnings Types “MLS” for meals reimbursement non-federal employee and “FLS” meals reimbursement federal employee have been established within the Payroll System. These earnings types will
    appear on the PEARS and in QPREXP within HEPPS Inquiry.