Payroll Services Disaster and Recovery Plan

Disaster and Recovery Plan

In the event that WSU’s computing center is declared non-operational and computing power and/or communication networks such as internet access and telephone service are not functioning, University employees and individuals who prepare payroll documents, enter time into Positive Pay or review PEARs should access the url below from a non WSU internet service provider for the latest information about how and when employees will be paid. Communication to employees during an emergecy is critical and that’s the reason for the non WSU website below. Please bookmark the link below on your home computers.

The University recognizes the importance of paying its employees even in times of emergency situations. Depending upon the nature and duration of the disaster, Payroll Services has designed a strategy to continue to pay employees 80% of their regular gross pay if we are not able run our regular payroll using WSU IT equipment. In the event of a disaster, please go to the website above for frequent updates from Payroll Services.

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