Payroll Services Graduate Student Fees

Fees for 2019 Spring Semester in Pullman

Listed below are the fees for payroll deduction Spring 2019 semester for eligible graduate students in Pullman:

 Semester TotalPay Cycle Total
No Waiver From Department
 Operating/Service/Activity/Building Fees5,880.50735.07
Department Grants a Waiver
 Service/Activity/Building Fees435.5054.44
Other fees available for Payroll Deduction:
 Student Recreation Center Fee157.0019.63
 Health & Wellness Fee204.0025.50
 Pullman Transit Fee enrolled for 7 credit or more hours34.374.28
 Cub Renovation Fee120.0015.00
 Media Fee5.000.63
 Mandatory Processing Fee8.001.00
Total without waiver6,408.87801.11
Total with waiver963.87120.49