Fees Eligible for Deduction: Pullman

Fees for 2023 Fall Semester in Pullman

Listed below are the fees for payroll deduction for Fall 2023 semester for eligible graduate students in Pullman:

Graduate - PullmanResidentNon-Resident
Total Full Time Tuition & Fees$6,627.00$14,210.50
Student and Activity$289.50$289.50
Less: Resident Tuition Waiver$6,148.50$6,148.50
Less: Non-Resident Tuition Waiver $7,583.50
Residual Tuition to be Paid by the Student$478.50$478.50
Other Mandatory Fees$573.08$573.08
Student Recreation Center$168.00$168.00
Health and Wellness Fee$244.00$244.00
Pullman Transit Fee$36.08$36.08
Total Residual Tuition & Mandatory Fees$1059.58$1059.58
Payroll Deduction Processing Fee$8.00$8.00
Total Deduction With Waiver$1,059.58$1,059.58
(Total Deduction without Resident Waiver)$7,208.08$14,791.58