Graduate Student Eligibility

Eligible Conditions

To be eligible for the Graduate Payroll Deduction, graduate assistants must meet ALL the following conditions:

  1. Be appointed at least 50% or more to one of the title codes listed below for the entire semester.
  2. Enroll for 10 or more credit hours (3 credit hours in the summer) and maintain a 3.0 grade point average.
  3. Assistantship must be Graduate Student’s primary job in Workday

Eligible Title Codes

  • 9901 Graduate Teaching Assistant 
  • 9903 Graduate Research Assistant 
  • 9904 Graduate Project Assistant 
  • 9905 Graduate Staff Assistant 
  • 9906 Graduate Vet Assistant 

Enrollment for Graduate Payroll Deduction must be completed at the beginning of both the Fall and Spring Semester. Graduate Payroll Deduction is not available during Summer Sessions.