Payroll Services History of Semi-Monthly Lagged Payroll
07/16/82Governor signs Executive Order 82-14, "Monthly Lagged Payroll"
07/29/82Office of Financial Management issues Agency Directive 82-7 for the implementation of the monthly lagged payroll
08/20/82Chief Justice Brachtenback enjoins state from implementing monthly lagged payroll
09/07/82Washington State Supreme Court removes injunction
10/08/82WSU implements monthly lagged payroll
05/14/83Governor Spellman signs second SHB 295 establishing semi-monthly lagged payrolls.  "The state shall begin paying state employees on a semi-monthly, ten day lagged basis." Legislation modified RCW 42.16.010 - 42.16.017
01/01/84WSU implements semi-monthly lagged payroll