Payroll Services Payroll System Changes

Changes to the Payroll System for the August 2015 RG2 pay cycle:

  • This is the first full pay cycle for the new academic year. Department personnel should make sure faculty members returning from sabbatical have been reinstated at full salary and with the correct earnings type. It is your responsibility to know who should and shouldn’t be on your payroll so please check the PEARs carefully.

    Thank you all for responding so quickly to our numerous inquiries as the staff of Payroll Services has been working lots of extra time to produce the most complete payroll ever for the start of the new academic year.

  • One-ninth the semester value for Qualified Tuition Reduction (QTR’s) have been processed this pay cycle. The full value is $5,445.00 divided by 9 = $605.00 per pay cycle. QTR’s cannot be charged to State funds. QTR’s are contributions paid by the department. The cost of the QTR is shown in the contributions portion of the QPREXP conversation in HEPPS/DEPPS Inquiry. 251 QTR’s were processed.
  • One-ninth the semester value for Graduate Health Insurance (GTN 251) has been processed this pay cycle. Like QTR’s the contribution for Graduate Health is shown in the contributions portion of the QPREXP conversation of HEPPS/DEPPS Inquiry. The full value is $725.00 divided by 9 = $80.56 per pay cycle. 1,720 Graduate Health was processed for graduate assistantships on 50% or greater appointment.
  • Parking permit pre or post tax deductions at the new rates have been started this pay cycle for 3,251 employees in Pullman, Vancouver and Spokane campuses.

Please contact Payroll at (509) 335-1277 or if there are any questions.