Payroll Services Strategic Plan

From Vision Through Constraints


A service environment dedicated to providing accurate and timely payments to employees for effort rendered.


The mission of Payroll Services is to support the teaching, learning and advancement of knowledge, research and community service of Washington State University as well as support the mission of Finance and Administration:

  • By providing accurate and timely compensation for work performed;
  • Ensuring all deductions, benefits and taxes are correctly deducted and reported timely to the appropriate agency;
  • Maintaining employees’ earnings, payroll and benefit records, and
  • Ensuring we are compliant with all University, state and federal laws, rules and regulations.

In summary, our mission is to provide leadership and excellence in Payroll Services for Washington State University and Business Affairs.


The employees of Payroll Services shall demonstrate a commitment:

  • to support WSU’s teaching, research and public service mission;
  • to provide excellent customer service through teamwork, continuous improvement and a spirit of innovation;
  • to treat students, faculty and fellow staff members with respect;
  • to develop each employee’s skill to the fullest potential;
  • to aspire to excellence both personally and professionally;
  • to conduct our duties with integrity, accountability and dignity;
  • to utilize sound business practices and customer-friendly administrative processes;
  • to provide access to information that assists campus community members in successfully performing their jobs.


  • The accuracy, integrity and timeliness of payrolls; the maintenance of employee databases; and information reporting are of paramount importance
  • We must always seek to maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect and service orientation
  • Balancing the demands of regulatory compliance with our own limited resources and with the needs of our customers requires constant diligence
  • Striving to provide the highest level of support possible for all functions of the University is our underlying goal


Payroll Services of Washington State University Serves:

  • Students
  • Employees and Retirees
  • University Departments
  • State and Federal Governmental Agencies
  • Financial Institutions and Credit Unions
  • Third Party Payors
  • Board of Regents


– Payroll Services:

Goals, Objectives, Time Lines, Performance Indicators, and Constraints