Payroll Services Underpayments and Off-Cycle Payment Requests

Underpayments and Off-Cycle Payment Requests


An underpayment occurs when you receive less than your correct pay.

Not all underpayments require the department to submit a ticket to the Workday Service Desk. Once a corrective transaction and/or business process has been completed and approved in Workday, run your “CR PAY Payroll Accounting Journal Details – In Progress Payroll (aka PEARS)” report to confirm the retro payment is included in the employee’s pay results.

Depending on the circumstances, underpayments are corrected by issuing either:

A retroactive (“Retro”) Payment to the employee, included in their next, regularly-scheduled paycheck.
An Off-Cycle Payment to the employee. (Please see Off-Cycle Payment Request procedures below.)

Reminder: Since a Retro Payment is often triggered by a Workday transaction or business process, remember that the corrective transaction or business process must have been entered and approved in Workday before the payment can be issued. This needs to be completed before the final retro run for each pay cycle. Please see the Payroll schedule for these dates. Click here for the Payroll Document Schedule

Off-Cycle Payment Requests

Requests for Off-Cycle Payment must be sent by authorized departmental personnel via the electronic Off-Cycle Payment Request Form,FOUND HERE  . Employees cannot request an Off-Cycle Payment for themselves.  These forms will be submitted through a Workday Service Desk ticket, along with a written financial hardship statement requesting an off cycle check from the employee. These will be reviewed and responded to through the Workday Service Desk ticket. These requests must be input by payday at noon. If these requests are received after payday at noon, Payroll will also require approval from the departmental AFO in order to process the request.

Off-Cycle Payments are only issued when regular earnings were missed and the employee is not able to wait for the next regularly scheduled payday to be paid for these earnings due to financial hardship.

An Off-Cycle Payment will NOT be processed if:

  • The payment is supplemental wages (overtime, straight time, bonus, etc.).
  • The employee did not enter and submit their time worked by the deadline.
  • The pay is a due to missing the retroactive processing deadline.
  • The pay is a retroactive compensation increase.
  • The gross amount of the payment request is less than $100.
  • Separation payments (Annual Leave Payouts, Dismissal Pay).
  • If the employee is not requesting the check due to financial hardship.

Payments cannot be issued before the payday in which the hours were worked. Washington State University does not provide cash advances of payroll funds.

Off-Cycle payments will be issued based on the payment election that the employee has set up in Workday.
*If the employee is receiving a paper check, it will be mailed to the designated mailing address in Workday.

Please allow 3 business days processing time for Off-Cycle Payment requests. You will receive a response through the Workday Service Desk when the payment is processed.

Reminder: All hours need to be input and approved in Workday before a check can be requested and processed. There must also be active compensation attached to the appointment.